Top Teaming Philosophy

Top Teams carry with them tremendous collective intelligence, operating experience, and the ability to exert significant influence over their company’s mindset, focus, and performance. They have both the opportunity and obligation to navigate big change and make a significant difference in the future of their organization. And ultimately, they are responsible for dealing with both the “Now and the New”—the current reality and the
evolving future. One of the greatest challenges for a Senior Team is how to manage the paradox of creating great visionary strategy that is innovative and future-focused while, at the same time, dealing with what we call “the fierce urgency of now.”

Top Teams must continually re-examine how they work together in the service of this mission, constantly re-defining themselves as a team that must deal with the current and evolving world, staying future-focused while executing the “real work” of today. This is about good teams getting even better.

Top Teaming: A Roadmap for Leadership Teams Navigating the Now, the New, and the Next provides a roadmap to help your Leadership Teams  and executives at all levels successfully navigate the new normal environment of increasing complexity, volatility, and change. It is focused on making your groups of smart leaders into those super-performing teams that drive growth, success, and innovation in your business.

Crucial Questions

  • Given the mission and purpose of your organization, what kind of team do you need to be to accomplish it?
  • How do you raise the bar of your senior teams’ ability to really think and execute together to create the results you have promised to stockholders, stakeholders and employees?
  • How do you drive responsibility and alignment down the organization to grow capable, accountable, and really engaged teams at all levels?
  • What is the real difference between a “Top Team” and a good team?

A New Playbook

Top Teaming is a playbook of how your organization can raise the bar of your senior teams, enabling mission critical leaders to execute more cohesively, innovate even faster and drive strategy even farther.

It is designed to elevate already high-performing teams into Top Teams that can and must succeed in a very different current and future business environment.