The Top Teaming Assessment is the first significant step in moving your team from a group of very competent and hard-working leaders into a Top Team. This on-line assessment provides a very clear picture and baseline of how your team is currently operating against where they say they need to be optimally functioning.

We use this assessment data as the basis of a full day “advance” in which your team addresses the most critical issues and gets clarity on:

  • What kind of team are we?  What kind of team do we need to be to accomplish our most critical priorities? What are the gaps and how do we close them?
  • How do we better drive the critical priorities in our organization?
  • How do we better define and navigate the critical intersections between roles?
  • How do we increase levels of trust, candor, and openness within our team?
  • Creating an “energy audit” to ensure we are working at our highest and best.
  • How do we optimize our execution and operational excellence?
  • How well are we developing our leaders and teams 1-3 levels down?

The outcome of this day is to gain alignment on determining and driving the critical few priorities needed for your team to “raise their game” from a good team to a Top Team.