Top Teaming: Moving Beyond high Performance

This Thursday, Oct 27, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dr. Patricia Wheeler for the Leading News teleforum.  Leading News is a partnership between Marshall Goldsmith, one of the world’s best-known leadership development experts, and Patricia Wheeler, one of the top executive coaches and educators in the country.

The subject was about Top Teaming – what separates this process from the more classic high-performance team training.  We took questions from the audience of experienced professionals about how to “raise the bar” of Leadership Teams that have to approach a world that is more complex, volatile, global, and fast changing.

Among the topics we covered were:

  • Why the need for Top Teaming?  Why is this especially relevant now?  The need for Leadership Teams to lead the “Now, the New, and the Next”
  • How do we define the team we need to be?  Why is articulating what we are FOR so essential? And why is the concept of interdependence so important?
  • What differentiates an “Advance” from a more classic team retreat?
  • What do we mean by creating “trust over peace” and the need to understand the “default setting” of our team.

We also discussed how the nature of change (seemingly one of the few constants in the world) – has changed, and how to use this uncertainty as an advantage?

Finally, we talked about a critical need for Leadership Teams – how to really tap into and sustain the Collective Intelligence of the team.

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