Executive Coaching for Moving Beyond High Performance Teams and Grow Your Business

The nature of the games for leadership teams has changed. But have the teams themselves changed to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive environment? Senior teams face great volatility, uncertainly, complexity and ambiguity these days. And the speed of change has accelerated, as well as global interdependence and interconnectedness has increased.

For these reasons we have organized a telephone conference call for you to learn about how the “New Normal” can affect your business and its future growth. Here are the details:

WHAT: “Top Teaming: Moving Beyond High Performance”

WHO: Dr. Larry Levin and Dr. Patricia Wheeler

WHEN: Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

HOW: This is a free, 60-minute telephone conference call that you can register for.

WHY: During the 60-minute conference call, we will discuss the following three points:

  • Why is it so necessary to think and move beyond classic “high performing” teams to meet your critical priorities and ultimately ensure your organization’s survival.
  • How do to raise the bar for already good teams?  How to take the next steps that will be most important for your organization’s future.
  • How to best mine and utilize the collective intelligence of your senior team.


Classic high-performing teams have been the gold standard for many years, but they were not designed for the world of today and tomorrow. Therefore, they must approach the world, their teams, and each other in a different way.  Join us for a discussion with Dr. Lawrence Levin, as we cover how good teams must get even better to meet the challenges of today’s marketplace as well as the future.

Conference Moderators:

Dr. Lawrence Levin is Founder and Senior Partner of The Levin Group.  He specializes in working with leadership teams in Global 1000 companies and mid-sized organizations to plan strategic directions and implement critical business initiatives.  His expertise is in helping organizations to focus on understanding the dynamics and capabilities of their executive teams, utilizing team-based interventions and coaching techniques to improve C-Level effectiveness and develop better communication.  He is the author of new and acclaimed book Top Teaming: A Roadmap for Leadership Teams Navigating the Now, the New, and the Next.

Patricia Wheeler is Managing Partner of The Levin Group. She is an executive coach and leadership consultant who works with Global 1000 and mid-sized firms to help their executives lead more effectively and execute on their most important priorities.  She leads the FastForward virtual program for leaders moving into bigger and broader executive roles. She is a contributor to Linkage’s Best Practices in Organizational Development and The AMA Handbook of Leadership and the upcoming Coaching for Leadership, Third Edition.

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