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Building and Improving Global Virtual Teams Part 3: Coaching Virtual Teams

In the previous two blogs, we discussed the promises and challenges in working virtually across geography, time, and culture. Virtual Teams, especially those that operate globally, are essential at both Leadership and Functional levels, and provide significant value in both their ability to think strategically and drive execution excellence across the company. These “lateral” teams…

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Top Teaming: Building and Improving Global Virtual Teams Part 2: How Good Teams Gets Even Better

In our previous Blog, we referenced the difficulty for teams in working virtually across geography, culture, and time. These Global Virtual Teams (GVT’s) are essential in getting work done whether they are at the top of the house or are project/functional teams across the organization. And these teams should bring great promise to the company…

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Top Teaming: Building and Improving Global Virtual Teams

While the phrase “globalization” is commonplace in business vernacular, the ability to actually work well across geography, culture and time remains a huge challenge for teams who must operate virtually. Global Virtual Teams are a necessity in today’s business environment and have great promise. The reality is that this is a promise that is rarely…

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Global Top Team Assessment: What We’ve Learned So Far

We developed the Global Team Assessment (GT2A) in response to the demand for a way to measure a global and/or virtual Team’s effectiveness, and to drive dialogue around the key leverage points for improvement. The GT2A was based on our Top Teaming Assessment, which we have used with leadership and management for the past 4…

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The Evolving CFO: Top Teaming for the Finance Professional

About 2 weeks ago I was asked to do a presentation to a group of CFO’s and other senior finance professionals about how the nature of their work was changing and what was expected of them as they navigated the “Now, the New, and the Next.” Our dialogue, backed by several excellent articles from HBR…

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The Invisible Man: Virtual Teams and The Speakerphone Experience

Global Teams almost always have a virtual presence dictated by geographic distance, time and cultural differences. One casualty to what should be a powerful and aligned team is what I think of as The Invisible Man (or Woman) syndrome. Who is this Invisible Man? Think about the conference calls you have with your teams. This…

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